Our Story

We are a one-of-a-kind boutique experience that you will love. With styles for all ages, you can shop online or make your appointment to come shop the closet in Cottleville with Marcia. It's like shopping with a good friend and you'll get $25 off your $100 purchase at your first appointment!

Meet the Lilac Ivy girls - Becki, Julie, and Marcia. We are three women of different ages, sizes and unique styles based in Cottleville, MO. We have casual and wear to work styles including Liverpool jeans, jewelry, bags and hats, fun graphic tees and other unique gifts.

We share our styles on our website, on Facebook through live videos, on Instagram and we also welcome personal shopping and styling appointments with Marcia. We host private parties and fundraising events where our customers can bring friends to "shop the closet" in person or online and receive 10% credit towards their purchase OR donation to a charity of their choice.

How we started:
Lilac Ivy Boutique opened for business in March of 2019. Yes, you heard that right. We opened a small business at the very beginning of the pandemic! And it rocked our business model in a wonderful way.  Our initial business model was to take the “show on the road” carting clothes to ladies’ homes for parties and personal styling sessions. The day after we met to finalize our plan, the world pretty much shut down and we needed to pivot and figure out another way to connect with our customers and bring them our styles. We quickly adapted using Facebook Live for private parties and this experience has continued today although we do now offer a “shop the closet” in-person experience for ladies who are local!
  • We are known for really taking the time to build relationships with our customers. When we shop, we have customers in mind when we select styles. We know what Kristina will like and what Joyce will not like! We are known for having styles for all ages but we often say our audience isn’t “teeny boppers,” if you want the whole shirt, come see us.
  • We are known for our Liverpools! If you don’t know about Liverpools, you will be a lifer once you try them. They hold everything in and will make you feel so confident wearing them. You might even wear a belt for the first time in years because you realized you really do have a waistline! Show it off!
  • We are known for helping women step outside of their box. When you come to shop the closet with Marcia, she will have you try on styles that you might never select for yourself – and then you will surprise yourself and love the way you look! We are all about promoting body positivity. That’s our goal – empowering women and building confidence through style.
  • What really sets us apart though is the uniquely personal shopping and styling experience you get when you come to shop the closet. Whether it’s a 1:1 appointment with Marcia or a group shopping event, you will feel a part of something very special. You will meet other women and have the opportunity to lift one another up! When customers leave Marcia’s they often share how the experience made them FEEL and THIS is what we are most proud of.
We look forward to getting to know you, too! P.S. Everything that you see online we have in stock for you to try on 👗👚👖👛 
Picture of Julie, Marcia and Becki
📸 Pictured left to right: Julie, Marcia, Becki